Out of Control (OoC), is the study association in Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) representing students pursuing MSc. in Systems and Control and in Mechanical Engineering: Control Engineering Track. As an international committee of students we are dedicated to improve several aspects of the student life:

  • Business:  As OoC we are in contact with various companies operating in different fields to provide professional opportunities to students in several forms. We organize excursions, an annual career fair and as of 2016, an international business trip to connect businesses with the students. With our newsletter, official website, Facebook Page and electronic mailing list, we provide information to students about available graduation projects, internships, jobs and upcoming events that are offered by the university and/or potential employers.
  • Academic: With the Mentorship Program OoC recruits 2nd year students to assist the students in their first year. Additionally, OoC collects and evaluates student feedback, representing the study body in DCSC Education Committee meetings.  We also represent students in events like TU Delft Master Fair and take part in the organization of the Orientation Week for the incoming class.
  • Social: OoC organizes quarterly drink events which brings the faculty and the students together. We are also associates of Gezelschap Leeghwater Study Association which organizes seminars, workshops and social events, trips and more for students in 3mE.  As of 2016, OoC publishes the quarterly student newsletter.