Introduction Program

LaTeX Workshop

Wednesday 9th of September

Latex Workshop at 1 pm in the 3me instructizaal G.
An introductory seminar on how to use LaTex. Targeted at students with no previous experience in LaTeX.
Do not forget to get your laptops.

Monday 31st of August

Today the new group of students are starting their  Master’s Study at DCSC.  Out of Control welcomes all the students and is conducting  a  lot of events throughout the week. Starting with a Social drinks today.

Wednesday 2nd of September

We from Out of Control will be organizing the 1st event of the Mentor Program. All the new students will be divided into groups and will be assigned to a mentor group.


Check out our Facebook group for upcoming social events.

Company visit: Tata Steel

Wednesday 13th of May

Out of Control will facilitate a company visit to one of the biggest steel producing companies of the world, Tata Steel. In this visit, exclusively for Control students, we will visit the plant at IJmuiden, and get to see the burning hot steel as it is produced. If you also want to feel the heat, experience working at a large industrial company and meet Tata employees, register before the 4th of May via this link.

OoC Career Fair

Wednesday 27th of May

On wednesday the 27th of May Out of Control will organize a Career Fair for all DCSC students, Simulation and Control students (Aerospace engineering) and Signals and Systems students (Electrical engineering). The invited companies will present their opportunities for internships, jobs and thesis options!

More information will follow soon.


Q1 Social Drinks With DCSC Friday 26-09!FBHeader_DCSC


Friday the 26th of September there is a social drink for OoC students and DCSC staff at the Lagerhuysch  3ME. Come join us and disturb your output!

Friday May 23rd 2014 – Career Fair OOC


The career fair invited three Dutch companies Alten, ASML and Huisman to TU Delft specifically for DCSC students. The companies presented their opportunities for internships, jobs and thesis options in their presentation and at their stands. Alten has let us known they were very pleased and that some of our students are currently doing research with them.

Friday April 25th 2014 – Shell thesis proposals

Friday the 25th of April, Shell came over and told us about the thesis projects they have available for control engineers.

Drilling Automation Research Opportunities at Shell

“At  Shell, we are currently working on various research topics to enable rig and drilling automation.  Oil and gas well drilling is a very expensive activity and many rigs are still heavily relying on the capability of human operators. In this talk I will describe the variables that we used to control the drilling  process, the current state of the art of rig control systems and the gap between what we have and what we need in the future.   We have several master’s thesis projects that can be pursued at Shell Rijswijk.”


Friday March 28th 2014: Shell Excursion.


The visit was successful with OOC students and grid+ members having an eventful day. The operations at Shell Moerdijk was astounding and the kind people working at Shell organised it well.

We thank the students for the participation and hope to carry on beneficial collaborations. A short report of the visit can be accessed below.

Company report_Shell Moerdijk



March 10th 2014 – Royal HaskoningDHV interest drink.


Monday 10 March was the first activity of the new board, the interest drink with Royal HaskoningDHV. The Process Automation and ICT department spoke about how it is to work at their offices as a control engineer.

We were very pleased with how it turned out, and so was RHDHV. If you are interested, you could contact them or us for an internship or thesis.

February 27th 2014 – Ampelmann excursion



Thursday the 27th of February, Out of Control organized an excursion to Ampelmann. Ampelmann creates motion compensation platforms for offshore environments. The day started with a case study, at their headquarters in Delft. Then we proceeded Rotterdam for a tour at their production facilities. And we ended the day with some drinks at a local sailors pub. Overall it was a very interesting day.