Every student is assigned a mentor in the introduction week. A mentor will organize meetings with his/her students and tries to provide answers their questions about the education, because who knows the first year better than a second years student?

Please find the list of mentors and their contact details.


Name Phone Number Email Address
Shwetha Macheri Ravishankar International 0633463912 sumashwetha@gmail.com
Bender Botterman Dutch 0622591676 B.Botterman@student.tudelft.nl
Matteo Ciocca International 0623430123 matteo_ciocca@yahoo.it
Shekhar Gupta International 0687976547 shekhar7.gpt@gmail.com
Sander Dominicus Dutch 0643178207 amdominicus@gmail.com
Yangyu Zhang International 0617307726 Y.Zhang-29@student.tudelft.nl
Xiao Zhang International 0617318252 zhangxiaowbl@163.com
 Vignesh Sushrutha Raghavan International 0617319589 V.S.Raghavan@student.tudelft.nl
Gürol Gezer International 0628961662 guerolgezer@gmail.com
Bart Keulen Dutch 0622396381 bart_keulen@hotmail.com